Hey, I'm Marie Claudio


and i’m a hairstylist and salon owner based out of orange county, ca. i want to help other hairstylists grow their businesses. i also want to surround myself with and create a community of like-minded stylists who all are about supporting each other and growing their businesses together. my mission is to inspire stylists to work hard, build their dreams, and live a life they absolutely love. 



Established since 2002, we have found that the products we choose to use make a huge difference to the comfort and outcome of a treatment. So over the years, we have found our ultimate favorites for each aspect of beauty therapy. From the best quality wax, which can make your waxing a much more comfortable experience, to the award winning Nouveau Lashes, we use only the very best in the industry.

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new clients must have an email consultation with marie to determine the plan of action that is right for their hair and the color they want to achieve. she may also require an in person consultation as well. pricing is an estimate and may vary depending on thickness, length, or current state your hair is in as well as what you are trying to achieve.
marie is currently accepting new clients.

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